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Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training

Do you want full one on one attention from a coach? Do you have very specific goals? Are you wanting to really fine tune your results? Are you wanting to improve your technique where you want full eyes on you?

TOA’s Coaches range in expertise from Strength Training, Sport Specific Training, Weight Loss, Body Sculpting, Endurance Training, Rehabilitation and much more

Coaches can help you administer full programs guiding you every step of the way where you can chose to be coached each and every session, or for the more confident and independent individuals you can simply chose a coach to give you weekly/monthly guidance and check ins to ensure your form is perfect and you really are getting the most out of your program.

Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Do you have a tight schedule? Is traveling to a gym a barrier for you? Do you work form home? Are you a stay at home parent? Do you travel for work or have a crazy work schedule? Are you shy and just want to do it on your own?

TOA’S Online coaching is the answer for the modern day fitness solution for busy individuals.

Offering personalised programs ranging from Mindset and Habits Coaching, Nutrition Coaching and Fitness Coaching.


All organised in a state of the art phone app, regular zoom meetings, you will feel like you have a personal coach devoted to you in your pocket.

No matter what your situation is, our creative, innovative and experienced coaches will easily be able to find the perfect solution for you, your needs and goals

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Are you looking for superior results? Do you want more energy, a lean physique, muscular tone and incredible recovery? Are you wanting to finally get in shape and drop the excess weight? Do you want to put on more muscle and look like you train seriously?

TOA’s Nutritional Coaching will give you in depth understanding when it comes to food and nutrition and exactly how it impacts your body.

The program includes your very own nutrition coach who check in with you every single week and teach you everything you need to know about nutrition adherence, calories, macronutrients & micronutrients, meal timing and supplements.

Our ultimate goal as coaches is do educate you and teach you how to use as many nutritional tools and hacks as possible so you feel equipment when you are on your own, going out with friends. enjoying social situations and so that you can turn your knowledge into a longterm lifestyle.

If you want superior results, whether you want to improve your performance, feel better, have more energy, gain knowledge or the simply have a fitness magazine cover look – then this program is an absolute must.

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Mindset & Habits Coaching
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Mindset & Habits

Do you struggle with accountability? Do you set goals and then quickly lose focus leading to frustration? Are you not even sure what your goals are and you don’t know where to begin? Do you want someone to simply tell you what to do and lay out a clear plan for you?

TOA’s Personalised Mindset and Habits is like no other! Set clear goals with and get laser focus on your direction. Bridge the gap between your current condition and your desired outcome.

Identify the key habits to get you there and be held accountable to ensure you take every step necessary to get you to your final destination.

Gain fulfillment knowing that you are on the right path to achieving exactly what you want.

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